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Drie, being written in TypeScript and Vue 3, provides first class support for prop type validation.


THREE.js uses its Vector3 class to represent positions, rotations, scale, etc. In order to keep using Drie user friendly, component properties accept vectors in multiple formats described by our Vector3Like type.


Using array is straightforward and preffered.

<Mesh :position="[3, 5, 7]"></Mesh>

Any object with x, y, z properties

<Mesh :position="{ x: 3, y: 5, z: 7 }"></Mesh>


Using Vector3 from THREE.js is possible, but you need to import the Vector3 in order to use it inside of a template.


Using Vector3 for reactive properties is not supported and will result into no updates!

<script setup lang="ts">
import { Renderer, Scene } from "@janvorisek/drie"; // always needed
import { Mesh, BoxGeometry, MeshBasicMaterial } from "@janvorisek/drie"; // mesh
import { PerspectiveCamera, OrbitControls } from "@janvorisek/drie"; // camera

import { Vector3 } from 'three'; // Import Vector3 in order to use it inside template

  <div class="example">
    <Renderer ref="renderer" :antialias="true">
      <PerspectiveCamera :up="new Vector3(0, 0, 1)">
        <OrbitControls />
      <Scene background="#f9f9f9">
          <MeshBasicMaterial color="blue" />
          <BoxGeometry :width="15" :height="10 " />

Released under the MIT License.